The Heaven Of Rest

Water purification system installed to supply clean, consumable water

In Partnership with the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund, the Dis-Chem Foundation have installed a water purification system which will supply safe drinking water to the Haven of Rest in Tongaat KZN. HEF are currently repairing, improving and supplying seedlings for the vegetable gardens which will also benefit from the purification system allowing for safe, consumable water to feed the people and gardens. Job opportunity (and training) has been created for those that will plant, grow, harvest and maintain the gardens. The Haven of Rest are home to 150 people which include an orphanage, hospice rehab, kidney and dialysis centre.  They were hard hit by the recent disastrous floods in the region, their water supply is non-existent and their humble gardens were irreparably damaged. Leaving them and Tongaat  without drinking water.

Once the system is up and running and the gardens are yielding vegetables, they will be empowered to continue to provide meals not only for themselves but for those without in their community. Please see below link which depicts the concrete slab being laid, the jojo water tanks arriving and today the Purification system arrived. We are hoping to have the system up and running early within Mandela month. Madiba was a great believer in the spirit of Ubuntu as are the Dis-Chem Foundation & The Humanitarian Empowerment Fund. The spirit of Ubuntu is essentially to be humane and ensure that human dignity is always at the core of your actions, thoughts, and deeds when interacting with others. Having Ubuntu is showing care and concern for your neighbour.

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