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At Dis-Chem, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of men’s aftershave cream that is designed to soothe and enhance men’s skin after shaving. Shop for the best men’s aftershave creams and lotions with Dis-Chem online and get your order delivered to your door.

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We are the leaders in stocking the widest range of men’s grooming products like the best aftershave lotions for men from well-known brands like Nivea, Brut, Old Spice, and Lentheric.
Whether you’re prepping for a big job interview and want to look your best, or getting ready for a first date, choose an aftershave lotion for men from Dis-Chem today. You’ll be glad you did.

Why is aftershave cream important for men?

Using an aftershave cream or lotion after shaving is an important step in any grooming regime. Shaving can leave men’s skin feeling dry and brittle. When you use an aftershave, you’re effectively moisturising and soothing the skin that has just been shaved. Here are our top tips for a good regime for men:
First, wash your face with a cleanser formulated for your skin type
Use shaving cream or shaving gel and a good quality razor
Use an aftershave cream or lotion immediately after shaving
Use a moisturiser next, that has been formulated for your skin type
Lastly, apply sunscreen - always wear sunscreen over your moisturiser
At Dis-Chem, you’ll also be able to buy a range of men’s fragrances like deodorants, Eau de Toilettes and Eau De Parfums too.

How much is men’s aftershave cream?

Whether you’re looking for a men’s aftershave lotion for sensitive skin or you’re wanting a particular brand of product, simply go online and shop with Dis-Chem today. We have a wide range of stock in our online store that offers both choice and affordability of products. Search by price if you’re looking for something in a particular price range, or search by brand if you’re looking for a specific product type.

Where can I buy men’s aftershave cream?

Buy men’s aftershave from our Men’s range of products at Dis-Chem online. Our online store is easy to navigate and you’ll find everything you need for your grooming regime under our men’s product range. Alternatively, browse the aisles of a Dis-Chem Pharmacy nearest you - we have 200 stores nationwide. Find A Store Near You
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