Household Scissors

Does this ever happen in your home - no matter how many sets of kitchen scissors you’ve bought, you can never find any in the kitchen? They inevitably end up in the kid’s pencil cases, in Dad’s garage or outside in the garden shed.

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Treat yourself and buy a range of kitchen food scissors that you can label and leave in the kitchen. We recommend getting a range of scissor types for every need like meat scissors for cutting chicken, bacon or other meats, and food scissors for cutting herbs, lettuce and other foodstuffs, then one multi-purpose pair for every other need you might have when cutting in the kitchen. By having one for every purpose, you’ll avoid cross-contaminating the different scissors with different food.

Shop the household scissors range of products at Dis-Chem online or at the store nearest you today.

Shop the Kitchen Essentials range 

Apart from kitchen scissors, you’ll be able to browse through a large variety of goods and items in our Kitchen Essentials range.

How much are kitchen scissors?

Kitchen scissors don’t have to break the bank, in fact, they are incredibly affordable for the versatile functions they deliver. At Dis-Chem online and in-store, you’ll find a range of competitively priced kitchen essentials that every kitchen in South Africa should be stocked up with.

Search online by price to make sure you find the essential items you need in your price range. Or shop by brand if you’re looking for a particular product or item too.

Where to buy kitchen scissors?

Did you know you can get kitchen essentials like scissors at Dis-Chem online? We have a wide range of household necessities that you can get online. Browse, select, check out and wait for delivery to your door.

Visit one of the hundreds of Dis-Chem stores nationwide to get all the kitchen scissors and other essentials you need today. Find A Store Near You


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