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From the latest digital filter coffee makers to milk frothers and coffee grinders, we stock everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee every day. At Dis-Chem online and in-store, you’ll find a range of Russell Hobbs automatic coffee machines that are excellently priced.

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A wonderful cup of coffee to start or end the day is a staple for many of us. There is nothing quite like the feeling of starting your day with a delicious frothy cup of coffee or sitting down at the end of a long day with a relaxing filter coffee. At Dis-Chem, we understand that coffee is akin to life (and a good personality) for many and that’s why we stock a range of coffee makers.

What is a coffee maker?

Every kind of coffee maker has its own unique method but in general, the theory behind a filter coffee machine for the home is the same. Hot water is dripped through ground coffee beans, allowing the water to filter through the beans, unlocking their flavour. The coffee then drips down into the pot leaving the grind in the filter tray above.

Shop the Kitchen Appliances and Household range 

We have an exciting range of appliances that every South African kitchen needs in our Kitchen Appliances and Household department. When you’re shopping for your ideal coffee pod machine, be sure to check out the other products in our Household Appliances range.

How much are coffee makers online?

No matter what your budget is for buying a coffee machine for sale, you’ll find an appliance to suit you at Dis-Chem. We stock some of the best machines on the market from leading manufacturer, Russell Hobbs, and we also stock additional coffee making appliances like coffee grinders and automatic milk frothers.

Where to buy coffee makers?

Working from home more these days and yearning for a great cup of coffee like you used to get in the office? Why not invest in a good coffee machine from Dis-Chem today?

You can buy a coffee machine online at Dis-Chem. Shop our coffee maker range and find the perfect machine for your needs. Opt for at-home delivery in 3-5 days or click and collect the next day from a participating store near you.

You can also pick up a coffee machine right away by visiting a Dis-Chem store near you. Find A Store Near You

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