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Shop at Dis-Chem now for all the car cleaning products you need for your cars and motorbikes. We stock a range of auto cleaning products like leather seat cream, car air fresheners, tyre gloss as well as fully stocked car cleaning kits that have all the products you need in one kit.

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There is nothing better than getting into and driving a newly cleaned car. It looks great and you feel great because of how clean and sparkling it is. If you’re one of those car enthusiasts that insist on keeping your car as clean as possible yourself, then it’s wise to invest in a car wash kit that you can keep at home and use whenever you need to.

How often should you wash your car?

Some car fundi’s get a kick out of washing their cars every weekend, but the experts say that it’s really not necessary to wash your car more than every second week unless you’ve taken it off-roading and it’s in need of a good clean. We recommend washing your car every second week and giving it a polish and wax every few months. You might want to give the interior of the car a clean more often but we recommend a good interior clean out every two weeks as well, especially if you have children or spend a lot of time in your car during the day.

Shop the Home Décor and Houseware range 

At Dis-Chem, we stock everything you could possibly need for your Home Décor and Houseware needs. We’ve thought of it all, so when you’re in need of something specific for the home, make sure you make Dis-Chem your first stop. When shopping for car care products and kits, you’ll also be able to find other homecare products too.

What are the best car cleaning products?

When it comes to keeping your car looking brand new, we recommend that you invest in a car cleaning kit, that has every product needed for a complete car clean. At Dis-Chem online or in-store, you’ll find car cleaning products for sale individually as well as in a kit form. The car cleaning kits we stock contain products like car wash detergent, car wax, interior cleaner, tyre cleaner, air fresheners and wash and dry cloths, all in one kit product.

Where to buy car cleaning products online?

Buy all the car freshening and cleaning products you need at Dis-Chem today. Shop online from home for all the goods you need, or visit a Dis-Chem Pharmacy near you today. Find A Store Near You

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