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When accidental spills happen or sticky little fingers need to be cleaned, you’ll need some great quality wet wipes on hand. Stock up on all the best-wet wipe brands you know and love at Dis-Chem today. In this department, we also stock cloth wipes, dishcloths, and hygiene wipes for every necessity.

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Whether you’re looking for wet wipes for sale for a new mom, or you want to get some new cloth dish towels for the kitchen at great prices, shop at Dis-Chem today. We have a wide selection of cloths and wipes products from some of the best brands in SA.

Shop online and find great wet wipe brands and dishcloth prices from Dis-Chem today.

Shop Cloths and Wipes Products for Sale

Stocking up for a kitchen tea gift? Wanting to spoil a new mom with a good supply of wet wipes? Shop online today and find the best cloths and wet wipe products at Dis-Chem. You’ll also find hygiene wipes online for a variety of sanitising needs too.

With our great prices, you can stock up on all your favourite brands right away.

Importance of Cloths and Wet Wipes Products

As a mom, you can never have enough wet wipes, because there is always a need to clean tiny fingers, toes, and faces at least once during the day. You can also stock up on sanitising wipes for medical and disinfectant purposes to keep you and your family healthy too.

Where to Buy Dish Cloths and Wet Wipes Products Near Me?

For a great range of dishcloths in South Africa as well as the best-loved wet wipe brand to boot, shop at Dis-Chem online today.

We also have over 200 stores open nationwide, so visit your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy today and pick up all the beauty accessories and products you need right away.


What are cloth and wipes?

Wet wipes are pre-packed wipes that can be used to clean a variety of things from the skin to surfaces and more.

Should I use cloth wipes?

Buy wipes for a variety of needs like baby wipes, hand sanitising wipes, or disinfectant wipes too.

How do you use cloth wipes?

Always read the packaging of the product you buy for the best way to use the product for great results.

How many cloth wipes do I need?

It depends on how many you use per day. For a busy mom of young kids, you’ll need quite a few packs of course.
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