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We stock a range of health tonics and other essential tonic medicines to protect against illness, aid in your body’s recovery and assist with fatigue, digestion, low libido and much more. Shop for herbal tonics and other health supplements in the Vitamins and Herbals Department online or ask a friendly sales assistant in store to show you where the health tonic aisle is.

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Whether you need support for your liver or a tonic to improve your sex drive, you’ll find it all in our tonics section today. We stock the widest and best quality range of tonic medication for a variety of issues. Help your body today by giving it a herbal tonic drink or health tonic that has been specifically formulated for what you are struggling with.

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Shop Tonic Medicine Online

In our Tonic range of medicines and drinks, we stock an array of products to help with many different kinds of issues. Take a look at our tonic range available now:


If you need a tonic that can help improve your sex drive and take your libido up to the level you want it to be, browse and buy from the libido tonic range of products at Dis-Chem online now.

Shop Tonics – Libido now

Energy Tonics

When you need a pep in your step and an energy boost, shop the wide range of energy tonics from Dis-Chem today. From Berocca to Burst, you’ll find all the best loved energy tonics in this section.

Shop Tonics – Energy Tonics now

General Tonics

For an array of general tonics that help boost energy, improve overall health and help you feel great all day long, shop our range of general tonics now.

Shop Tonics – General Tonics now

Iron Tonics

Low iron levels can leave you feeling exhausted and unwell. Shop our range of iron tonics now that are designed for men and women and made to give you the iron support you need.

Shop Tonics – Iron Tonics now

Liver Tonics

Taking a regular liver tonic can help support your liver function daily. Help it to manage the digestion of medication as well as support especially after a night on the town.

Shop Tonics – Liver Tonics now

Where to buy health tonics?

Buy tonics online at Dis-Chem and you’ll find a range of tonics from iron tonics to liver support tonics to choose from. You’ll also never be far from a Dis-Chem Pharmacy where you can shop in store. Find A Store Near You
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