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Feeling run down and tired all the time? It might be time to give your body a range of supplements to help it get back to fighting fitness. Thanks to the Dis-Chem range of vitamins and herbals, we promise that you’ll be able to find a product that will bring the pep back to your step today.

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At Dis-Chem, you’ll find a wide selection of vitamin and herbal products from some of the best brands in the nutrition business. We stock a variety of top-quality herbal vitamins from health supplements and homoeopathic supplements, to herbal remedies and mineral products too.

Shop for herbal vitamins online with Di-Chem and find the perfect products for you and your family’s needs.

Best Vitamin and Herbal Products

For the best vitamins and herbals online, be sure to check out the Dis-Chem range of products today. We have a wide selection to choose from for every kind of ailment or desire. Whether you’re looking for a vitamin B complex to help with your memory and concentration, or vitamin C to boost your immunity, find the right balance of vitamins and herbals with Dis-Chem today.

Where to Buy Vitamin and Herbal Products?

Did you know that you can order vitamins and herbals online and have them delivered to your front door? With Dis-Chem online, you’ll be able to select all the vitamins and herbals for sale from the comfort of your home.

If you’d prefer to browse and buy vitamin and herbal products in person, visit one of our 200 stores open nationwide now.


How much do vitamin and herbal products cost?

Thanks to our wide selection of products, we guarantee that there is something for everyone’s budget and price range at Dis-Chem.

What is a herbal vitamin?

A herbal vitamin is a product that has been extracted from a natural or plant source.

Can you take vitamins and herbs together?

Yes, you can. We always advise that when you take herbals and vitamins you always follow the usage instructions and dosing recommendations on the packaging.
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