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Whether you’re looking for a workout recovery supplement or a post-workout recovery drink, we have a range of muscle recovery products that help your muscles recovery well both during and after a workout or endurance event.

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Which is the best muscle recovery supplement?

We all know the feeling of pushing our bodies and muscles to the limit, and by using a muscle recovery supplement you can help your body bounce back quicker. The best recovery supplement to use will all depend on the type of race or event you will be recovering from. Whether you’re a marathon runner, a cyclist, a motocross rider or a CrossFit enthusiast, we have a recovery product, supplement or powder that will be perfect for you and your sport.

Shop for Energy & Endurance Products at Dis-Chem

In our energy and endurance range, you’ll find a wide array of products to suit every need, taste and price range too:


Shop our range of delicious energy bars that bring a range of nutritional benefits into your system while training or during an event for added energy. Shop Bars


Get that instant energy punch you need to finish the race strong with our range of energy gels from Dis-Chem today. Shop Bars

Carb Loading

When carb loading, be sure to choose premium products and powders that can pack your body full of the minerals and vitamins it needs to power through the big race or enduro event you’re prepping for. Shop Carb Loading


As an endurance runner, cyclist or gym-enthusiast, you’ll need energy and endurance to get through your race or training event. Check out our wide range of endurance products and accessories at Dis-Chem now. Shop Endurance

Gym Accessories

Get your hands on the latest water bottles, blender bottles and much more from a Dis-Chem pharmacy or online today. Shop Accessories

Energy Chews/Tabs

Keen to stock up on energy chews or tablets to have on hand during a big event? Shop for energy chews, tabs and fizzies from Dis-Chem today. Shop Energy Chews/Tabs.

Where to buy muscle recovery products?

We make shopping for all the products and supplements you need, easy. We aim to be your pharmacy-chain of choice, which means offering you two convenient ways to shop with us:
Online Shopping
If you prefer to shop from the safety of home, the online shopping is the perfect option for you. Our online store is packed to the brim with excellent products, deals and sales that can be easily chosen. Once you’ve securely checked out, you’ll have the option of having your purchase delivered to your door or you can choose to click and collect too.
In Store Shopping
If you’d rather browse our shelves in person, then in store shopping is perfect for you. We have hundreds of stores nationwide that are manned (and womaned) by knowledgeable staff trained to help you find the products and supplements you need. Find A Store Near You
Did you know that we have a Loyalty Benefit Programme too? Become a Loyalty member and receive benefits like unbeatable prices and information that suits your needs specifically. Find out more now.
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