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Whether you’re a runner who needs running energy gels to feel strong and supported during a long run or you’re a cyclist looking for energy gels to maintain your energy levels when training, you’ll find all the sports energy gels you’ll ever need at Dis-Chem online or in store today.

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What are energy gels?

Energy gels are a high carbohydrate formula in a gel form that provides instant energy for athletes and those who exercise vigorously, and also help to promote healing and recovery after endurance events.

Shop for Energy Gels at Dis-Chem

If you’re looking for hydration gels for energy, you might be interested in checking out what else we have in stock in our energy and endurance department:


We stock a range of energy bars that are packed with nutritious ingredients to help your muscles from the inside out. Shop Bars

Carb Loading

Carbohydrates help provide energy to your muscles and body for a wide range of endurance events. Shop for high carb gels, bars, powders and other food types in our carb loading section now. Shop Carb Loading


As an endurance runner, cyclist or gym-enthusiast, you’ll need energy and endurance to get through your race or training event. Check out our wide range of endurance products and accessories at Dis-Chem now. Shop Endurance


As important as having energy during the race is, having a product to support your recovery after the race is just as important too. Shop our recovery products in stock at Dis-Chem online now. Shop Recovery


In need of gym accessories like shake bottle, water bottles and more? Start your search at Dis-Chem stores nationwide or shop with us online. Shop Accessories

Energy Chews/Tabs

Do you enjoy a quick nibble of an energy chew during a race? Or do you like downing a fizzy energy tablet or fizzy after your run? No matter how you like to take them, we have a range of chews and tablets to promote high energy in stock now. Shop Energy Chews/Tabs.

Where to buy energy gels

Shop for energy gels and much more at Dis-Chem now:
Dis-Chem Online
You can get all the gel packs for runners and other athlete types at Dis-Chem online right now. Avoid busy malls and parking lots by simply shopping for everything you need from Dis-Chem, online. Browse our departments, select all the items you need and check out. You’ll have the option of choosing delivery or click and collect too.
If you still prefer the good old-fashioned way of popping into your local pharmacy to get the items you need, then come on down to your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy today. Find A Store Near You
Did you know that we have a Loyalty Benefit Programme too? Become a Loyalty member and receive benefits like unbeatable prices and information that suits your needs specifically. Find out more now.
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