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Shop for all the endurance products you need at Dis-Chem today. From energy tablets to energy chews and from endurance gels to recovery powders, we stock it all in our energy and endurance department today. Shop online for sports energy chews or visit your nearest pharmacy today to get the best energy chews on the market.

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What are energy chews and tabs?

Energy chews and tabs are a range of energy products to help give your system the boost it needs when taking part in endurance training or any kind of endurance sports. These products can be found in a variety of difference forms including chewable tablets or sweets, tablets, or effervescent fizzies too.

Which is better – energy chews or energy gels?

When it comes to the debate between energy chews vs gels, there is no one product better than the other. It really is an individual decision which comes down to which type and brand of product works best for you and your specific sport. Some runners might prefer a 32Gi Endure Tablets whilst other cyclist might before Biogen Gel for endurance and performance.

Where to buy stamina pills?

Shop for endurance products and stamina pills and powders at Dis-Chem today:

Shop Online

Shop online now and save time and money. When you shop online, you’ll save time and money on driving to and from the Pharmacy, plus you’ll be able to shop from the safety of home. Order all the goodies you need and wait for them to be delivered to your front door.

Shop In Store

Choose to shop in store if that’s the most convenient for you. We have hundreds of stores open nationwide with more opening conveniently up the road from you each month. Find A Store Near You
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