Carb Loading

To get the most out of your body’s sport performance, eating carb loading foods is one of the best ways to boost performance and ensure your body has the energy for ultimate endurance. We stock a range of carbohydrate supplements, powders and foods to help you perform at your best. Shop at Dis-Chem online or in store today to see a range of the best quality carb supplements on the market.

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Carb Loading

How to carb load before a marathon?

Carbo loading is a proven method of ensuring that your body has enough carbohydrates stores to burn during a marathon or largescale endurance event. The specialists suggest that athletes begin using a carb loading supplement as well as ingesting carbohydrate dense foods from about five days before a race or marathon. In the two days before the event, you should consider upping your carb content a little more which includes increasing the amount of carb supplements and foods you are taking. The night before a marathon or endurance event, consider having a small yet carb-dense meal that includes protein and vegetables as well.

Shop for Carb Loading Foods at Dis-Chem

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Where to buy carb loading foods?

You can buy carb loading foods as well as powders, supplements and gels from Dis-Chem today. Shop with us in two, customer-friendly ways:


When shopping for carbohydrate loading for athletes’ supplements, consider shopping online at Dis-Chem, for all the products you might need.

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