Whether you’re an endurance fanatic or someone who just enjoys loads of energy for every day living, our energy and endurance supplements from Dis-Chem will help you get the boost you’re looking for at any time of the day. We stock a range of endurance and energy supplements designed to give you just the right amount of pep and energy either during races or just when you need it. From bars and gels to recovery and endurance supplements, find it all at a Dis-Chem store near you today or simply shop for products with ease at Dis-Chem online.

Energy and Endurance

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Shop for Energy & Endurance Supplements at Dis-Chem

We stock all the best supplements for endurance training from leading brands like Biogen, Evox and NutriMax. When shopping for energy supplements for runners or endurance supplements for cyclists, gymnasts or for CrossFit, make sure you take a look at all the products we have on offer, including:


We stock a wide variety of energy bars in a range of delicious flavours to choose from. Specifically formulated to give you the nutrition and energy boost you need as an athlete. Shop Bars


When you’re in the middle of a race or endurance event, you don’t have time to stop and eat. Gels are a great way to pack in both nutrition and energy boosting goodness while you do your best. Shop Gels

Carb Loading

Whether you’re trying to bulk up or carbo load for a race or training session, you’ll find a range of car loading supplements and sachets specifically designed to give you the carb content you need to keep on going. Shop Carb Loading


Fill your body with a top performing endurance supplement to keep you going long after the others have stopped. Shop for endurance products and supplements with Dis-Chem online now. Shop Endurance


After your big race or event, it’s time for some much-needed recovery. Choose from our range of recovery supplements and powders to help your muscles regain their strength and for your body to fully recover and get stronger for the next race. Shop Recovery


For gym accessories like water bottles, blender bottles, creams and more, shop our accessories range of equipment and products designed for the active gym goer, runner, cyclist or active citizen now. Shop Accessories

Energy Chews/Tabs

From iron and vitamin C fizzies to electrolyte tablets, you’ll find all the energy chews and tablets you could possibly lead for the man or woman who leads an active, endurance driven life. Shop Energy Chews/Tabs.

Where to buy energy and endurance supplements?

Shop at Dis-Chem now for all the energy and endurance supplements possible. We stock a wide variety of products so that you are guaranteed to find everything you need and more for your body and chosen sport.
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If you’re pretty sure you know what you need and want, why not shop online and save yourself time and effort. Simply browse our energy and endurance department, carefully selecting the products, tablets, gels and supplements you need. Securely checkout and wait for your order to be delivered straight to your home. If you need it sooner, you can choose to click and collect your online order from your nearest participating store.
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Prefer to shop for your supplements in person? You’ll be able to choose a store right around the corner from you because we have a pharmacy in almost every town in SA. Find A Store Near You
Did you know that we have a Loyalty Benefit Programme too? Become a Loyalty member and receive benefits like unbeatable prices and information that suits your needs specifically. Find out more now.
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