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Shop for ready to drink supplements and shakes that are brilliant as pre- and post-workout drinks to give you that boost of energy and to help your muscles build strength. There is nothing more thirst quenching then a ready to drink shake after a hard bodybuilding training session or a long run or cycle, so why not keep a few high protein ready to drink shakes in your gym bag for when you need it the most.

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Choose Dis-Chem as your one-stop ready to drink supplement shop where you’ll be able to find ready to drink pre-workout shakes and ready to drink post-workout supplements from the best brands in the business, like Fuel, Protein 2 Go and USN.

Shop the Dis-Chem Build Muscle & Strength Range

Whilst you’re browsing through the ready to drink range of protein shakes, be sure to check out the other top-quality products we have in the Sports Nutrition and Fitness department that are all geared toward helping you build muscle and strength.

Which is the best ready to drink supplement?

The best ready to drink shake is one that has been formulated specifically for the needs you have. As a bodybuilder or CrossFit junkie, you should consider a high protein recovery shake that can help you muscles recover from strenuous training, all while continuing to bulk and build. If you’re a long-distance athlete like a runner or cyclist, you might want to consider a protein shake that brings fuel back into your cells to help building energy and endurance.
If you’re unsure which ready to drink shake is best for you, ask a knowledgeable member of staff at your local Dis-Chem for help in deciding today.

Where to buy ready to drink shakes?

Buy ready to drink protein supplements and shakes at a Dis-Chem near you or online today.
Dis-Chem online is a fully operational online store that allows you the luxury of shopping from home. Fill up your online shopping cart with all the gym accessories you need as well as everything else you need for homes like beauty products, medicines and food products too. Visit your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy today and talk to a knowledgeable assistant in the Fitness Gear and Accessories aisle, who is trained to help you find what you’re looking for. Find A Store Near You
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