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Being a vegetarian or vegan has become very popular as people try to live a more conscious life by eating foods that are free from animal products. We cater for absolutely everyone’s taste in our Food range which includes stocking a range of Free From Foods which includes products that are animal-free foods as well as products that are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free too.

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What is a vegan?

A vegan is a person who has chosen to only eat foods that are naturally derived from plants and contain no animal products or animal by-products in them. This generally means cutting our meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and any other foods that may contain animal products.

At Dis-Chem we stock vegan products that are free from animal products as well as a wide range of other Free From Foods and other specialised dietary specific foods. Come in and browse the aisles of our Food section to see our full range of vegan food products and other Free From Foods or shop online for our product list too.

Shop the Free From Food range

Apart from finding foods that are animal-free, you’ll also be able to additional Free From Foods, including:

How much do animal-free foods cost?

Invest in your health and the health of the planet by choosing to shop for foods that are free from additives and animal products. At Dis-Chem, you’ll find competitively priced products for the pantry that are good for you and a wise choice for the earth. From gluten-free produce to dairy-free goodies, you’ll be able to shop for it all at a Dis-Chem near you.

Where to buy animal-free foods?

It’s never been easier to stock up your kitchen cupboards with excellent quality foods that are free of the things you don’t want to eat. If you’re looking for the most efficient animal-free foods online or keen to get the best quality gluten-free goodies or soya-based products, shop at Dis-Chem online or at a Dis-Chem Pharmacy nearest you now.

The Dis-Chem Free From Foods range is varied and caters for people with all dietary needs and wants. It’s excellently priced and always available, so change your lifestyle today and choose foods now that are wholesome and planet-friendly too.

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