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For branded gym accessories like Biogen blender bottles and USN water bottles, shop at a Dis-Chem near you or easily online now. We stock a huge range of energy and endurance products including exercise accessories like blender bottles for protein shakes, water bottles in a variety of sizes and brands, and shammy cream too. No matter what kind of gym exercise accessories you might need, come to Dis-Chem now to find them.

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Exercise Accessories Online

Shop for Exercise Accessories at Dis-Chem

If you can’t find what you’re looking for when it comes to energy and endurance, you can’t be a Dis-Chem online because we stock absolutely all the products and accessories that you could need for running, cycling, CrossFit, swimming or any other endurance sport at Dis-Chem online or in store now. Shop our range of energy and endurance products now including:


When it comes to energy bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice when trying to decide which bar is perfect for you. We stock energy bars that are packed with power, punch and flavour at Dis-Chem today. Shop Bars

Carb Loading

When you need to up your carb content for a big race or event, why not choose a great quality product from our carb loading section now. Shop Carb Loading


Shop our endurance product range of powders, drinks, and gels now. We stock a wide range of products from leading brands like Enervit, Biogen and Evox too. Shop Endurance


Choose from our range of products, powders and gels for recovery from Dis-Chem today. We stock the widest range of energy and endurance recovery products right now. Shop Recovery


For instant energy, choose an energy gel for runners and cyclists now. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of power gels, hydration gels and other gel types for all your instant energy and endurance needs. Shop Gels

Energy Chews/Tabs

If you prefer to get your energy requirements from chews, tablets or fizzies, then shop our range of energy chews from Dis-Chem today. Shop Energy Chews/Tabs.

How much are energy and endurance accessories?

Keeping your energy levels at a premium and always having the latest accessories and products on hand for all your training and race needs, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. At Dis-Chem, we offer you the ability to search for the products you need in the price range that suits your budget when you shop at Dis-Chem online. Use our search by price filter online now and you’ll be shown only the best quality products in your price range first.

Where to buy gym accessories?

Simply put, get all the gym accessories and energy and endurance products you need at Dis-Chem – of course!
Dis-Chem Online
Why not buy gym accessories online now at Dis-Chem online? You’ll be able to shop from the safety at home and take your time in deciding what products and accessories you really need for that upcoming race or event you’re participating in. or make sure there is always a top-quality energy product in your training bag so that you never go without, by shopping regularly at Dis-Chem online.
Looking for gym accessories near me? Why not shop at your local Dis-Chem Pharmacy today to get your hands on all the accessories and products you might need for your chosen sport. Find A Store Near You
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