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If you’re looking for the best training equipment and training accessories to enhance your sport and fitness routine, then shop at Dis-Chem today. We stock a wide range of workout equipment for sale from some of SA’s leading gym equipment brands online and in-store.

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When you browse, you’ll find a variety of top-quality fitness equipment online. From water bottles and gym balls to sports bands and skipping ropes, you’ll find all the training equipment for sale that you need for your gym and fitness workouts.

Shop online today and the best training equipment online from leading fitness brands at Dis-Chem.

Shop Training Equipment & Accessories for Sale

Shop for the best gym equipment products, equipment, and accessories from some of the biggest brands in the business. Whether you’re looking for something to help with your cardio or something to build muscle, we’ve got you covered.

Shop online today and find the perfect fitness equipment for sale to help you meet your fitness goals. With our huge selection of training equipment from leading brands, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Importance of Training Equipment & Accessories

Training equipment and accessories are designed to enhance your experience of fitness. Whether it’s to use the accessories to do certain movements like a gym ball or a sports band, or equipment to make your experience of fitness easier like a USB charger or water bottle, all our workout equipment online is geared toward helping you achieve your fitness ideals with ease.

Where to Buy Training Equipment & Accessories Near Me?

Keen to buy fitness equipment online and have it delivered to your door or to your gym? Shop at Dis-Chem online and we will deliver all online orders over R600 for free.

We also have over 200 stores open nationwide, so visit your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy today and pick up all the beauty accessories and products you need right away.


What are the types of training equipment?

There’s a variety of training equipment and accessories available at Dis-Chem. If you want to stretch, bulk, build, move, or rest, you’ll find the equipment to match.

What is the most popular workout equipment?

Every kind of workout equipment is popular because each has a unique purpose. Shop for a variety of training equipment and accessories from Dis-Chem now.

Are training equipment and accessories expensive to buy?

At Dis-Chem, we stock a range of equipment and accessories at competitive prices so you’re always guaranteed to find products that match your budget.
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