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Whether you need over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication or an ointment to relieve pain, you’ll find all this and more in our analgesics section of our OTC remedies section. You can find the rub, ointment, tablet or supplement that can help relieve pain in a variety of places in the body today, and you don’t need a script or to see your GP to do it either. Shop online or in store now for the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers you need at Dis-Chem today.

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Shop for Analgesics at Dis-Chem

We stock a wide range of analgesics at Dis-Chem and make shopping for them easy and convenient. Browse our range of types of analgesics now, which includes:


For a range of general analgesics, shop at Dis-Chem today. You’ll be able to get well-known brands like Dispirin, Anadin and Compral from a Dis-Chem pharmacy or online today.

Shop Analgesics

For Kids

Looking specifically for painkillers formulated just for children that are both safe and effective? Shop the for kids range of analgesics now.

Shop For Kids

Topical Anti-Inflammatory

From a range of topical creams and lotions that have some of the best anti-inflammatory properties in, to bring instant pain relief to sore muscles, choose from our topical range of analgesics now.

Shop Topical Anti-Inflammatory


Sometimes the best method of getting pain killers into the body is through a suppository, most especially when it comes to children. We have a range of top-quality analgesic suppositories to choose from now.

Shop Suppositories

Rubs & Ointments

For relief of a variety of symptoms like tight chests and sore muscles, shop the analgesic rubs and ointments section now.

Shop Rubs & Ointments

When shopping for OTC remedies, look out for our full range of over-the-counter medications apart from analgesics which includes remedies for:

Where to buy analgesics?

You don’t have to wait for hours to see your GP or specialist just to get pain relief. Shop our range of over-the-counter analgesics now in two easy to use ways:

Dis-Chem Online 

Our online store is state-of-the-art and easy-to-navigate, making it simple and quick to choose the analgesics you need for an array of painful issues. Shop online and opt to have your order delivered to your door, ensuring that you literally don’t have to leave the house, or you can choose to click and collect your order from your nearest participating store.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies

We are one of the most accessible pharmacy stores in the country, with stores open every day for your convenience. Visit your local pharmacy now and allow us to help you find the pain medication that will suit your condition best. Find A Store Near You

Did you know that we have a Loyalty Benefit Programme too? Become a Loyalty member and receive benefits like unbeatable prices and information that suits your needs specifically. Find out more now.

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