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Do you or someone you love or care for require ostomy care products that you can trust? Choose Dis-Chem for all your ostomy supplies from well-known medical brand, Brava. From adhesive remover wipes to powders and tape, you’ll find a wide range of ostomy care products at Dis-Chem online or in store.

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What is an ostomy?

An ostomy or stoma is when, after ostomy surgery, bodily waste is rerouted out of the body through a hole commonly in the abdomen. It is commonly either the urinary tract or digestive tract that is rerouted and the surgery could be a temporary or permanent reality for some patients.

When it comes to ostomy care, it is important to use a range of top-quality ostomy care supplies that have been designed for the purpose of keeping an ostomy clean and hygienic on a patient.

Shop the Health range

At Dis-Chem, our health range is large enough to accommodate a wide range of health needs. Whether you’re looking for the best quality first aid products or whether you’re in need of soothing foot care treatments, search our Health department.

How much are ostomy care products?

We stock a wide range of competitively priced ostomy care products at Dis-Chem now. Shop online and search by price if budget is an issue, or when shopping in store ask a friendly sales consultant for help in finding care products that match your budget.

Where can I buy ostomy care products?

Buy ostomy care supplies online at Dis-Chem today. Our online store has catalogued all the products you can find in store, online. Search and select the items you need and check out. Choose between at home delivery or to click and collect.

Wondering where to buy ostomy supplies near you? Find a Dis-Chem Pharmacy nearest you today and you’re guaranteed to get the best quality ostomy care products on the market. Find A Store Near You

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