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When it comes to using surgical gloves, you should be able to trust that they are made from the highest quality materials to enable you to safely and hygienically provide effective care. Whether you require surgical gloves to provide first aid or to protect your hands from germs or chemicals, shop our range of quality surgical gloves for sale at Dis-Chem to find the perfect gloves to suit your every need.

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We have a wide selection of surgical gloves available, made from high-quality materials from brands you know and trust, ensuring that you always get the best value and quality for your money when you shop at Dis-Chem. Whether you’re allergic to latex and looking for alternative gloves or you need durable surgical gloves that won’t compromise on touch sensitivity, you can find them at Dis-Chem today. From latex and latex-free to nitrile, powdered and powder-free, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of surgical gloves for your needs when you shop with us.

If you prefer online shopping simply visit our website and shop and buy surgical gloves online and enjoy our convenient delivery service. Or visit your nearest Dis-Chem today, and explore our range of quality products with competitive surgical glove prices your wallet will love. Shop at Dis-Chem today for high-quality, durable surgical gloves that will protect your hands so that you can effectively care for your loved ones.


What is a surgical glove used for?

Surgical gloves can be used in a variety of ways but their main function is to protect your hands from germs and bacteria, especially when working in medical spaces.

What are the types of surgical gloves?

There are a variety of different types of surgical gloves with some of the most common types being nitrile, neoprene and vinyl gloves.

How do I choose surgical gloves?

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for advice on the best surgical gloves to choose for your specific need.

How do you know what size surgical gloves to buy?

To find out what size surgical gloves to buy, measure the width of your hand and choose a glove size that matches your measurements.

Why do surgical gloves expire?

Surgical gloves have an expiry date because all materials, including latex and synthetic gloves, break down over time, meaning the material can be weaker and tear more easily after its expiration date.
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