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Have a craving for some good, old South African biltong? Pop down to your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy to choose from our range of delicious biltong snacks. We offer pre-packed biltong for sale from well-known producer, Russel Rich, in a variety of styles and flavours.

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Whether you have a craving for biltong that you need to satisfy now or whether you’re happy to order online and wait for your treat to arrive, shop with Dis-Chem today. We offer stores nationwide as well as an online store that promises 3 – 5 working day delivery times.

What is biltong?

Biltong is a South African dried meat. It is often made from beef or game meat and is salted and hung to dry in strips. It is a healthy snack for many South Africans.

Shop the Snacks range

At Dis-Chem, you can satisfy all your family’s cravings with our range of quick, easy and delicious snacks. Apart from the best biltong you can get, you’ll also find these great snack options at Dis-Chem online or at a store near you; Cookies & Biscuits, Crisps, Dried Fruit, Health Bars, Popcorn, Snack Packs

How much does biltong cost?

Shop online for a range of biltong flavours in packaging that can travel. Perfect for a quick snack while you’re on the road, at work, or for the kids’ lunch boxes, biltong is an affordable and healthy snack option.

Where to buy biltong?

You can find top-quality biltong from Dis-Chem today. Whether you’re an online shopper or a shop-in-person kind of shopper, you’ll have the choice of how you’ll want to shop with Dis-Chem.
At Dis-Chem online, we offer all the medication, products, foods and snacks you need for you and your family online. Stock up your shopping cart with what you need and once you’ve checked out, choose between at-home delivery or click and collect.
For those in-person shoppers, we’d love to welcome you at a Dis-Chem Pharmacy near you today. Find A Store Near You
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