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Humidifiers are an excellent resource in winter, and in fact the whole year round, in order to make sure the air in bedrooms and homes remains moist, which is beneficial for chest and airway health. Choose from larger air humidifiers for bedrooms that are able to run for 6 to 8 hours at a time, or smaller sinus inhalers which can be used intermittently and held by hand.

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A humidifier is an electrical appliance that increases the humidity in a room. Humidifiers emit vapour into the room to ensure that the air moisture content increases and doesn’t remain dry. This is helpful to people suffering from sinus infections, blocked noses or chest infections as the moist air makes it easier to breathe. Many people add essential oils and other vapour drops into the humidifier water to allow for the oils to pass into the steam and be breathed in.

Shop the Seasonal Appliances range

When it comes to health and wellness, we offer a range of appliances and accessories to support your journey to the best health possible. You can buy air purifiers from Dis-Chem online or in-store today, and while you’re shopping our health appliances range be sure to browse the products in other categories too.

How much are humidifiers?

Looking to buy humidifiers but shopping on a budget? You’re in good hands when you shop with Dis-Chem because we offer a range of humidifier products in a variety of price ranges. Whether you have a little or a lot to spend, you’ll find excellent quality humidifier products to choose from, from leading brands like Electra, Medic and Vicks.

Where can I buy humidifiers?

Keen to buy a humidifier near me? Shop with Dis-Chem today in two ways;
Online shopping has never been easier thanks to Dis-Chem. Our online store is packed with all the electrical appliances and accessories you need for the home or the office. Simply browse online, select your items and wait for them to be delivered straight to your door.
If you’re in need of an appliance right away, then visit your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy today to shop for all the items you need. Find A Store Near You
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