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Do you need to keep track of your blood pressure daily at home? Has your healthcare provider recommended that you keep a blood pressure monitor at home or at your office to monitor your blood pressure at regular intervals? At Dis-Chem, you’ll find a wide range of BP monitors that will suit you and your budget.

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We stock the best BP monitor machines from leading brands like Medic, Omron and even Dis-Chem’s in-house brand too. Each product is designed to give you accurate electronic readings quickly and effectively.
Keep your health in check and live your best life with Dis-Chem today. We make living a healthy life easy, by offering top quality products, appliances and accessories for sale both online and in-store.

Shop the Health Appliances range

Apart from the best quality BP monitors for sale, you’ll also find a wide range of additional products and appliances for healthy living in our health appliances range. From nebulisers to scales, find all the health appliances you need at Dis-Chem today.

How much is a blood pressure monitor?

Looking to buy a BP monitor online? You’ll find a range of products to choose from online that are competitively priced too. Whether your budget is big or small, you’ll find a monitor for your BP that you can afford.

Where can I buy a blood pressure monitor?

Get a BP monitor at Dis-Chem today and stay on track with measuring your blood pressure daily at home, it’s that simple.
Visit Dis-Chem online and browse our health appliances range of products to find the BP monitor you need. You’ll also find a wide range of other products and accessories that assist in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Shop in-store at a Dis-Chem Pharmacy nearest you to get a blood pressure monitoring device today. Find A Store Near You
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