Looking for excellent quality electronics online? Or keen to get the best priced electronics for sale from a pharmacy you can trust? Make Dis-Chem your one-stop electronics store for all the electronic equipment you need related to your health, wellness and home.


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Looking for excellent quality electronics online? Or keen to get the best-priced electronics for sale from a pharmacy you can trust? Make Dis-Chem your one-stop electronics store for all the electronic equipment you need related to your health, wellness, and home.

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We stock a wide range of electronic accessories and appliances for the home right now. From your grooming appliances, like men’s shavers and ladies’ hairdryers, to appliances for the home, like juicers and blenders, our inventory is that wide. Allow us to become your first-stop electronics store for all your beauty, grooming, health, and household electrical accessories today.

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How much are electronics?

The cost of electronic products really does depend on the size and quality of the product as well as its capabilities. We stock a large array of electronics in a variety of sections including;


From earphones to speakers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the most popular audio electronics on the market for the whole family.

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Beauty, dental & grooming appliances

Whether you need an electronic toothbrush or a hair straightener, you’ll find a wide range of choice when it comes to beauty, oral care, and grooming electronics at Dis-Chem.

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Electrical accessories

Don’t be left without a working set of batteries for your new electronics, make sure you buy yourself all the electrical accessories like batteries you need with us today.

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Health appliances

When it comes to your health, we don’t cut corners. Choose from our range of health appliances like BP monitors, humidifiers, nebulisers and much more at Dis-Chem online today.

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Kitchen & household appliances

If you need it in the kitchen, we have it for sale in our kitchen & household department. From all-new air fryers to juicers, irons, and kettles, shop at Dis-Chem online now.

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Seasonal appliances

We often need certain different electronics at certain times of the year. Heaters and humidifiers in winter and fans and cool packs in the summer. Shop for your seasonal electronics at Dis-Chem today.

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Where to buy electronics?

Get powered up and shop for all your electrical accessories and electronic appliances at Dis-Chem now.
Dis-Chem Stores
From 181 stores, you’re guaranteed to find the most convenient Dis-Chem store near you. We stock all the electronics you might need for your home or health cabinet, and if it’s not in stock, we’ll gladly order it and have it arrive within a few short days. Find A Store Near You

Dis-Chem Online
Know exactly what you need and want when it comes to electronics? Then, why not shop for all your electrical products online? At Dis-Chem online, we stock the full range of appliances and accessories in an easy-to-navigate menu. Simply browse for what you need and you’ll find its full specs and price available online.
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