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Cotton products

Cottonwool balls, cotton pads and cotton buds are all useful tools for the nursery. Make sure you always have a few cotton products on hand for cleaning your baby’s delicate skin. 

Cotton pads and cotton buds are also useful grooming and cosmetic items for young and old.

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Cotton pads for baby

There are many instances where a cotton pad can be useful. Whenever you’re cleaning your baby’s delicate skin, you’ll want to use products that are hypo-allergenic and soft. A simple cotton pad can be used with water to help cleanse newborn skin. Cotton pads are designed to keep their shape and not leave unwanted fibres on your baby’s skin. Use them in-between baths to clean baby’s face and hands.

You can also use cotton wool balls for the same applications. Cotton balls are also soft and gentle and ideal for newborn babies.

Of course, cotton pads are also used by adults, especially when applying and removing makeup. They are great for applying creams and ointments to scratches and cuts. Keep some with your makeup supplies and in the medicine cabinet.

Cotton buds for baby

Cotton buds are ideal for cleaning delicate areas and hard to reach places. You can use cotton buds around your baby’s eyes, nose and outer ear. You can use them to clean under fingernails, between fingers and toes. You may also use a cotton bud to gently clean your baby’s umbilical cord. 

Adults also use cotton buds to apply cream to blemishes and for cleaning the outer ear.

Where to buy cotton products?

Dis-Chem stocks a wide range of cotton products including cotton buds, cotton balls and cotton wipes and pads. Shop our range of products online from the comfort of your home. Stock up on all your baby essentials and have your purchases delivered right to your door. Or shop in-store at your nearest Dis-Chem where you’ll find a range of baby products.

How much are cotton products for baby?

If you’re looking for prices on a range of baby products including cotton balls and pads, browse our range on the Dis-Chem website. You can see prices for all our cotton product items and shop for special offers and deals.

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