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Bum cream for babies is one of those essential must-haves for any nursery. Help to soothe irritated skin with our wide range of nappy creams. 

Baby Bum Cream

Nappy rash is a common skin irritation, brought about by a combination of moisture, air and friction in your baby’s nappy. Conditions like diarrhoea, the addition of new foods, teething and antibiotics can bring on the rash or make it worse. Nappy rash can be painful, leaving your baby’s skin red and irritated. But the good news is there are many baby bum creams on the market that can help prevent and relieve nappy rash. 

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Baby bum cream benefits

Barrier cream or baby bum cream can be used at every nappy change to help protect your baby from nappy rash. These creams help prevent a protective barrier, ensuring their sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated. 

If your baby does develop a nappy rash, use a bum cream or ointment designed to repair and soothe to help reduce the signs of the rash. Ingredients like zinc oxide, lanolin, aloe and calendula can all help to effectively treat the nappy rash.

Where to buy baby bum cream?

Dis-Chem stock a wide range of ointments, repair creams and barrier creams that all help protect your baby’s delicate skin. From Bennett’s to Bepanthen and Fissan Paste to Sudocrem and more, we stock the best range of Bum Cream brands.

Shop baby bum cream online

If you’re a busy mom with a baby in tow, there’s no need to spend time in shopping centre queues. Buy all your baby essentials online from Dis-Chem, including your baby bum cream.

Shop In-Store

Your nearest Dis-Chem is stocked with everything you need to look after your baby. From nappy rash creams to formula, toys, nappies, bottles and more. You’ll find great products at great prices at Dis-Chem. Find A Store Near You.

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How much is baby bum cream?

The price of baby bum creams varies depending on the brand you choose and where you buy them. Dis-Chem strives to offer value for money so you can care for your little one without breaking the bank. Surf our online store to see our range of baby bum creams for sale.

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