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Of course, your baby doesn’t need any help looking good. They manage to be extremely cute all by themselves. But our baby grooming kits can help you tame unruly hair and trim those precious baby nails. Some kits include other useful additions including thermometers and nasal aspirators.

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Baby grooming kits

Little fingernails grow surprisingly fast! You have to keep finger and toenails trimmed to ensure your little one doesn’t scratch him or herself. A baby grooming set will generally include tools for cutting and filing even the tiniest nails.

A baby care kit will often also include a soft-bristled brush, perfect for fine hair and a simple ball-tipped comb. All items in a baby grooming set are designed for safety, so you can safely look after your little one.

These kits often also include a thermometer which is absolutely essential for any new parent. If you suspect your baby is acting unwell, a thermometer can help you determine whether your baby is running a fever or not. 

Finally, a nasal aspirator may be included in the kit. This device creates suction in your baby’s nose to help clear it so he or she can breathe easily.

Where to buy baby grooming kits?

If you’re looking for a baby grooming kit, Dis-chem should be your first port of call. Baby health and grooming kits are an essential addition to every nursery, making them a great gift for an expectant parent. Find the perfect kit at your nearest Dis-chem. 

Shop baby grooming kits

If you’re looking for a range of baby grooming kits that include baby brushes, combs, fingernail clippers, thermometers and nasal aspirators, visit your nearest Dis-chem or shop online. Our online store can deliver your baby goods right to your door for the ultimate convenience – why not give it a try?

You’ll find top baby brands at great prices. Dis-chem stocks a wide range of baby essentials – from nappies to formula and everything in-between – all under one roof. Find a store near you.

Don’t forget, members of the Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefit Programme earn points on all their purchases. Find out how you can save with the Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefits.

How much are baby grooming kits?

Baby care kits vary in price depending on what’s included. Visit our online store or visit your nearest Di-Chem store to see the range of baby kits for sale.

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