Baby and Child Health

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Baby and child health

Every parent needs a few health essentials for their baby or young child. Keep your medicine cabinet stocked with some essential baby and infant health products so you can tackle that fever or handle that blocked nose with ease.

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Baby fever and pain relief

There are two main products used for fever and pain relief in young children: paracetamol and ibuprofen. For fevers, these products are sometimes used alone or in tandem. Speak to your doctor about managing fever in a young child. Both these products are also effective pain relievers. Paracetamol and ibuprofen products are available without a prescription at your nearest Dis-Chem.


When a stuffy nose prevents your baby from breathing easily, they will probably struggle to sleep too. Decongestant products and chest rubs can help to clear stuffy noses so your baby can breathe easily.

Vitamins and supplements

Dis-Chem stocks a wide range of vitamins, minerals and omega products suitable for young children. You may want to look into immune-boosting products around cold and flu season, and general multi-vitamins. They come in drops, chews and syrups to make them easy for your children to use.

Colic products and probiotics

Soothing a baby with colic can be tough. Dis-Chem has many colic products and probiotics that can help a baby’s colicky tummy. 

Teething gels

When your baby’s teeth start appearing, your little one will probably suffer discomfort from sore and itchy gums. Teething products like teething gels can help relieve teething symptoms.

Where to buy baby health products?

Dis-Chem are known as experts in baby health care. You’ll find a wide range of baby health products on our shelves. If you’re looking for a great variety of baby vitamins, medicines and other health products, visit your nearest Dis-Chem or shop online. 

Shop online and stock up your medicine cabinet with everything you need. Or visit your nearest Dis-Chem to see all the products you need to keep your little one feeling well. 

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