Education for our Nation

The School-Days programme enables you to raise education funds for your chosen beneficiaries, simply by shopping at Dis-Chem.

Support your school, Adopt-a-School Foundation and/or your family

You'll still earn  your Dis-Chem Benefit rewards too!

How to make a difference in your community - at no cost!

  • Click here to join School-Days.
  • Once you have joined, your Dis-Chem Benefit card will be automatically linked to your School-Days account.
  • Swipe your card when paying, earn Dis-Chem Benefit rewards and a portion of your qualifying spend into your School-Days account.
  • Log in to your School-Days profile or download the School-Days app to see how you’ve contributed to your school, Adopt-a-School Foundation and/or your family’s education.


Benefits to enjoy from School-Days

School-Days gives you several simple ways to raise funds for education - shopping at Dis-Chem is one of them!

Every swipe of your linked Dis-Chem Benefit card will help you support education in South Africa.

You can choose to support up to two schools, Adopt-a-School Foundation and/or your family’s own education.

You can also earn School-Days Fuel Rewards, get savings coupons, win education funds, get exclusive offers and more. Visit to find out more about School-Days benefits.

How to build your School-Days bursary with Dis-Chem

Keep swiping your Dis-Chem Benefit Card when you pay for your purchases at Dis-Chem.

How to redeem your School-Days bursary

To redeem your School-Days bursary at any registered education institution, contact [email protected] to begin the redemption process. Remember, you’ll need at least one month’s fees before you can redeem.

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