Photizo Pain Relief

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Benefit Points: 432500
Discovery Miles: 43 250
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Benefit Points: 432500
Discovery Miles: 43 250

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Everyone will experience pain from time to time in their life, whether it is from injuring a muscle, a cut on your hand, or a hard bump on your head. Pain is the bodys way of warning you about an injury, but once the injury heals, the pain disappears. Chronic pain is different, and doctors usually define chronic pain as pain that lasts for three to six months or more. According to the American Pain Foundation chronic pain affects 50 million Americans. According to, some of the leading causes of chronic pain include arthritis, back problems, past injuries or surgeries, nerve damage, infections, and fibromyalgia. Throughout the ages, sunlight as the earliest form of phototherapy has been known to have both healing and wellness properties. Light is energy, and energy sustains life. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed into other forms. Photizo Pain Reliefs LED light therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies for accelerated healing by activating the body's pain and relaxing medication. LEDs or light emitting diodes, are noninvasive, painless, produce a gentle and soothing warmth, and do not require recovery time. Photizo Pain Relief allows increased blood flow into the area being treated to ensure that any waste is quickly removed from the area.


Simply place the Photizo Pain Relief’s head (containing the LEDs) on the area to be treated, press the power button and wait until the timed treatment ends, then move it to the next area requiring treatment. Repeat until you have finished treating all the desired areas.

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