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Care co-ordination services are intended to offer patients faster queues when collecting chronic medication and overcome obstacles to optimal therapy.

What are Health Care Co-ordination Services?

Health Care Co-ordination services are offered to pharmacy patients by Dis-Chem and their affiliate Health Window. These services might include:

  • Services to increase patient convenience for monthly chronic script fills by pre-packing medicine before your arrival, so that it saves you time in the queue.
  • Services to remind you when your last repeat is filled and that you need to obtain a new script from your doctor, to allow Dis-Chem to dispense your medication and not turn you away because of a prescription that expired.

Where you agree to it, your prescription data is provided to Health Window, which will process the data in order for Dis-Chem and Health Window to offer clients value added health management services.

You consented to the Health Care Co-ordination services offered by Dis-Chem and Health Window by signing the in-store script copy or by signing up on the Dis-Chem website.

What information of mine is passed on by my pharmacy and then stored and used by Health Window?

If you agree to the service, your name, contact details, address, all prescription(s) with the necessary details on all your medicines as well as medical aid details, are sent from the pharmacy to Health Window.

Your information will be stored and used to render the described services until you opt out. Opting out can be done on the Dis-Chem website at

What will Health Window do with my information?

1. Monitor your last dispense and at the right time engage with you telephonically or digitally in accordance with your preferred contact details to enquire if we may pre-pack your medication for collection, so that it saves you time.

2. Monitor for when your prescription expires, so that we may remind you timeously, telephonically or digitally in accordance with your preferred contact details, to visit the doctor to obtain a new prescription. (Without a new prescription, we will not be able to dispense your required medicines.)

Who can see my information?

Only Health Window and Dis-Chem staff that work on the services will see your identifiable information. They will never disclose your name or provide any information to any unauthorized person.

During the delivery of these services, we may from time to time employ third parties and/or their software to improve the care co-ordination services, by providing services such as software development and analytics. They are also bound by confidentiality agreements to protect and safe guard personal data.

Further use of your information

Health Window uses your information in a de-identified, collated manner to give reports to Dis-Chem and pharmaceutical companies, so that they can see, in totals, how many patients used the service, how many reminders were sent and how the adherence rates (i.e. how those patients using the service) differ from those who do not use the service.

No identifiable personal information will be shared in these reports.

Do I have to participate?

You do not have to use this service, but in our experience receiving this support- and health care co-ordination service helps patients ensure that they always have medicine to take. It is also convenient, will save you time at Dis-Chem and will remind you before your prescription runs out.

Can I withdraw my consent?

You may withdraw your consent at any time upon which all services will be discontinued and your personal identifiable data removed from the data base: you can do so by clicking here;


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or call us on 011 592 1804

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