If you are on chronic medication, you know how important it is to take your medicine regularly and on time. You know how easy it is to forget to collect your script and medication run out, which can be a serious health risk.


  1. Dis-Chem will send you an SMS to order your medication before you have run out.
  2. Click on the SMS link, order your medication, select the pharmacy where you would like to collect, or when you want us to deliver and it is done.
  3. This will enable you to stick to your medication schedule.
  4. Plus, Dis-Chem will keep you up-to-date for script renewal.
  5. Your medication will be pre-packed and ready for collection before you arrive, saving you time.
  6. To opt in complete the form below or contact our customer careline on 0860 347 243.
  7. Please note that all orders for delivery are strictly payable in advance by electronic means. Please expect electronic communication in this regard.


Please complete the form to subscribe to the Pack My Meds service.

Order your medicines on your smartphone every month as and when it suits you. Your medicines will be prepacked and ready, waiting for you when you get to the pharmacy. Use Pack My Meds and skip the main dispensary queue, just go directly to the collections counter.

Pack My Meds for convenient medicine collections at Dis-Chem. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Download our app.

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Register in-store, via the customer careline or on www.dischem.co.za/pack-my-meds

Receive an SMS notifi cation with the link to select your medication
on time, every time

Click on the link and choose the medication YOU NEED

Collect your medication* pre-packed at your nearest
store or get it delivered** to your door

**FREE delivery within 15 km of your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy

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