The HomeCare range

Are you taking care of or are you injured, disabled or elderly person that requires chronic medical support, assisted living and post-operative care? The Dis-Chem care range offers a variety of specialised care by offering the following:

Hospital at Home

This range is for people who require short or
long-term care at home. The range offers home
care beds, mattresses and a variety of
patient comfort products.

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This range assists adults and children with
mobility requirements. The range
offers a variety of wheelchairs, walkers
and scooters etc.

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Assisted Living

This range assists with daily tasks such as
eating, getting around and the kitchen and
taking medication. The range offers non-slip
products and eating and cooking utensils etc.

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Immobilisation & Support

This range assists with acute and chronic
physical injuries. The range
offers cast covers,
binders, and corsets etc.

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Bathroom & Hygiene

This range assists with daily
tasks such as using the toilet, showering
and bathing. This range offers
shower and bath chairs, bed pans etc.

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Wound Care

This range offers first aid kits and general
wound care and protection. Wound care
Clinics are available in selected
stores nationwide.

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Specialised items can be pre-ordered and arrangements can be made to deliver to your nearest pharmacy or straight to your door. Please ask for assistance from the store manager should you not find the item you are looking for.
We will gladly assist with sourcing your individual items.

Contact Dis-Chem HomeCare team for assistance on [email protected] or call 011 592 1809
or visit the website on

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