This curly ponytail is the perfect compromise for when you can't decide between an up-do or down-do. This edgy look is a great way to reinvent the classic low ponytail and is a must have look to showcase at any accasion. The ghd curve® creative curl wand is used to perfect these beautiful curls. Stars that give us low ponytail envy are the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian who rock this look on the regular. Follow our easy guide to achieve a curly ponytail perfect at home.


Step 1: Prep the hair with ghd curl hold spray.
Step 2: Section the hair.
Step 3: Place the ghd® creative curl wand under the hair.
Step 4: Wrap hair around the barrel.
Step 5: Release the curl into hand.
Step 6: Curl the next section in the alternate direction.
Step 7: Continue curling around the head.
Step 8: Dress out hair with a comb.
Step 9: Pull hair into a pony.
Step 10: Pull on the hair around the head to loosen.
Step 11: Hide hair elastic.
Step 12: Finish with accessories.


Embrace the smooth wave look - a hairstyle that's not too fussy, yet chic enough for any occasion. Learn the ultimate tips to perfect silky waves and allow the ghd gold® style to do the work for you. Follow our step-by-step guide and tutorial below to see how to achieve the full look.


Step 1: Prep the hair with ghd root lift spray.

Step 2: Section the hair.

Step 3: Place the ghd gold® styler vertically on the hair.

Step 4: Rotate the styler 180 degrees.

Step 5: Glide the styler down the hair.

Step 6: Release the styler, leaving the end straight.

Step 7: Repeat technique throughout section.

Step 8: Work up the hair until all hair is waved.

Step 9: Dress out hair with a brush.

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