Nourishing hand treatment with the Mineraline Dead Sea Salt Body scrub

  1. Sanitize both hands properly with a hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol.
  2. File your natural nails shorter if necessary with a wooden file, only one direction at a time.
  3. Brush off any dust from the filing with a brush.
  4. Open the product and use a clean wooden spatula to mix the aroma oils and Mineral Dead sea salt thoroughly.
  5. Apply small amounts of the Dead sea salt with the wooden spatula onto the hand.
  6. Use your finger to spread the mask even on the hand and with not too harsh movements start to exfoliate your hand to remove the dead skin cells and ensure better blood circulation on the dry skin.
  7. Repeat the process on the other hand.
  8. Rinse both hands in clean luke warm water and dry properly with a clean dry towel.
  9. Cleanse the nails with nail polish remover to remove all oiliness from the nails.
  10. Apply nail hardener or base coat on the nails and wait for the product to dry.
  11. Apply cuticle oil onto the cuticles that is very important to nourish the cuticles and finish off this treatment with applying a Mineraline hand lotion or Body Butter on the hands.

Mineraline hand scrub tutorial

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