Glam Strategy

There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone go through an entire makeup and hair routine from start to finish and seeing the transformation unfold. We have created a series of tutorial videos to help you create Glamorous head to toe looks.

Blow wave like a pro

  1. Shampoo and Condition.
  2. Apply product to wet hair or as per product instruction – root lifter or mousse.
  3. Finger dry hair to damp state. (Tip – never blow wave hair that is sopping wet as you will stretch the hair shaft and also end up over drying hair).
  4. Size of hairbrush will determine the diameter of hair section to be blow waved (half of the brush diameter = section of hair to be blow waved).
  5. Blow wave hair from root to end while lifting hair upward to get maximum root lift, thus ensuring airflow follows root to end direction ensuring a smooth finish. Also, try to roll your brush while working from root to end to get a smoother finish.
  6. Use a cold shot of air on roots per dry section to fix body (alternatively Velcro rollers can be used for hair to cool down and fix body on roots).
  7. Finish off with a product of choice i.e. serum, hairspray etc.

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