Maybelline New York is the number one global cosmetics brand, offering more than 300 products, Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulas with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a cool, urban edge and a spirited style.

In 1913, young Chicago chemist Thomas Williams had a dilemma. His older sister, Maybel, was in love with a man who was in love with someone else. Maybel Williams did her best with what was available—she used petroleum jelly on her lashes and brows to enhance them. Her brother decided to help her increase her allure by adding carbon dust to the petroleum jelly, which darkened her lashes and brows more dramatically. The product worked. In 1915, Maybel got her man and Thomas founded what would become the global industry giant, Maybelline, named after the bride and her favourite beauty aid.

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When it comes to make-up, with Maybelline, you know you’re getting the finest products to bring forth your skin’s brilliance, with a cosmetics range that caters to every style, skin tone and occasion. Whether you’re after a flawless face for a night on the town or looking to highlight and enhance your natural beauty, there’s a Maybelline product that will deliver any look you desire.

Simply shop at Dis-Chem and discover the finest quality, no hassle, high-performance Maybelline make-up products online and in-store in our extensive beauty range. Maybelline cosmetics products are made for every woman. Whether you’re a girl about town, prefer quiet nights staying in or you’re simply keen for a new look that will unlock your beauty and confidence, Maybelline has got you covered!

At Dis-Chem you can find a broad range of the best Maybelline products to suit your every cosmetic need. With Maybelline, you know you’re always getting the best quality with their tried and trusted product range that offers exceptionally crafted, accessible cosmetics that cater to the cool and trendy in you. So for a make-up brand that’s always on-trend and on top of your cosmetics needs, shop at Dis-Chem and indulge in the edginess and cool all the Maybelline cosmetics products have to offer.

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What is Maybelline best known for?

Maybelline is the number one global cosmetics brand thanks to its wide range of high-quality, industry-leading make-up products that are perfect for every skin tone and style.

What are the best Maybelline products?

The best Maybelline products for you depend on your cosmetic needs and will be the ones that best compliment your skin tone. Shop for Maybelline make-up products online at Dis-Chem or in-store and explore our wide range of products to discover the perfect one to best bring out your natural beauty.

Are Maybelline products good for my skin?

Maybelline products are formulated using technologically advanced formulas to ensure your skin gets the best quality care.

How much do Maybelline products cost?

When you shop at Dis-Chem you can shop the highest-quality products at affordable prices. So shop online or at your nearest Dis-Chem today and get your Maybelline products at competitive prices.

Where can I buy Maybelline products?

At Dis-Chem, we offer a wide range of Maybelline cosmetics products both online and in-store. So shop at Dis-Chem today for all your Maybelline make-up needs.

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