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Created in 1932 by Jeanne Gatineau, a facialist who started off with a small treatment room in her Paris apartment, word of her results-driven, innovative facial techniques which included her signature shiatsu face massage spread fast and she quickly became the city's go-to facial therapist. Gatineau went on to open institutes in Paris, Casablanca, Antwerp and Milan to share her method and work with leading dermatologists and biochemists to create a luxurious yet pioneering skincare range founded on the latest research and development.

Gatineau's story has been defined by a slew of beauty benchmarks: it was the first skincare house to discover and implement the benefits of caffeine, antioxidants, the powerful anti-ageing properties of Retinol and use vitamin E and F to encourage cellular detoxification. Gatineau also invented the concept of double cleansing and exfoliation and was the first skincare line to recognize the importance of the skin's PH and manufacture soap-free cleansers and alcohol-free toners.

Gatineau has established itself as a line that never sacrifices scent and skin feel over efficacy. The products are both luxurious and high performance. The authenticity of Gatineau's DNA as a prestige, French skincare house is unchallenged and is now ready to be discovered by a new generation of women looking for a skincare line that addresses the ever changing needs and expectations of women.

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