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Essence Cosmetics

"Make up is your passion… ours too! We love make-up and we love how it makes us feel. We love self-expression, creativity and experimenting. Our products are the result of that. Essence is committed to developing high quality, innovative and performing products. We do this with our full hearts and a lot of fun, because only what is really good is really fun! We believe in beauty without cruelty. In make-up without harmful ingredients. We believe in enjoying life, without the pressure to be perfect.

No matter whether you are just getting starting out with make-up, a trend follower or already have a style of your own, essence believes in everyone, but most of all essence believes in the girl inside every one of us! Essence has a strong commitment to the planet – recycling, waste prevention and the development of sustainable products are very close to our hearts. This is why our sustainability strategy serves as the basis for all economic, ecological and social matters we do. We strive for general waste reduction and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials in the production of our cosmetics. Waste prevention through re- or upcycling and zero waste is our major goal, and we are committed to achieving it!

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