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Putting biology at the service of dermatology, and dermatology at the service of health

Every day, our skin must adapt to its environment, which can affect its balance and its health. Pollution, weather conditions, UV rays, illness, medicated treatments, ageing... All these factors weaken and unbalance the skin, exceeding its natural self-defences. Skin becomes more sensitive, more reactive, marks, redness and irritation can appear. Each person’s skin reacts in its own way, depending on its DNA. We are convinced that acting on the visible signs is not enough. To really take care of the skin and its health lastingly, we must preserve it from external aggressions (weather, drugs, pollution) and deeply act on the causes of its imbalances, while truly respecting its ecology and natural biology.

Together with dermatologists and healthcare professionals, we design products to prevent, take care and accompany dermatological treatments in a lasting way.

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