Nestle Nutrition


Made with your child's development in mind, NESTLÉ® has a variety of baby foods and nutritional products that will help your little one grow happy—also helping them develop a robust digestive system. The NESTLÉ® Infant formula ranges from birth to 36 months, and the infant cereals are ideal for introducing your baby to solids from 6 months onwards. NESTLÉ® Nutritional products are also filled with essential vitamins and minerals to give your baby all the necessary nutrients they need. NESTLÉ® drinks for growing children are formulated for the needs of children aged three years and above. Our drinks for growing children are a source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support average growth and development. The next step is ensuring your child gets a little better as you prepare them for school with NESTLÉ® NESPRAY®'s tasty and healthy powdered milk.

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