Bring the kids, share the joy!

Joie is a global baby gear brand founded in 2011. Our extensive range of quality products is designed with families at its heart and are rigorously tested to the highest European standards. Our mission is to bring pure joy to families around the world through products that are designed to go the distance. From car seats, strollers and travel systems to in-home and travel gear, our products are made for real life and to pass the parent test every time. At Joie, we care deeply about the wellbeing of children and treasure the importance of families. As such, we work hard to champion their values, their welfare, and their futures. A big part of this is educating families about the importance of car seat safety and the benefits of using rear facing car seats.

*Our dedication to child safety goes beyond the development of industry-leading child restraint systems and into the realm of public safety advocacy and training. This means that profits take a backseat, and instead Joie’s focus centres not only on our customers’ families, but on our employees’ families, our community’s families, and the earth that we all enjoy and want our children to enjoy too!

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