Caring for the community

Underpinned by a philosophy of care and giving back to those who need it most, the Dis-Chem Foundation was founded in 2006 based on concern around the growing levels of poverty in South Africa. With Covid there is an even greater need and the work done by the Dis-Chem Foundation has never been more important as communities and individuals alike have experienced loss; the loss of loved ones and economic security.

Many organisations rely on the Foundation in order to keep their doors open and have peace of mind knowing that the Foundation continues to support them.

This is made possible with the help of the Dis-Chem and Baby City Benefit Card members due to The Foundation being a beneficiary of Dis-Chem Groups’ Benefits Programme.

Benefit members earn points on their spend at both Dis-Chem and Baby City stores, and a percentage of the purchase value is then donated to the Dis-Chem Foundation to help supplement the funds.

Because we care for:

Impoverished families with no basic food and shelter

Abused children and abandoned babies who need a safe haven

Young girls who need sanitary pads to ensure they do not miss going to school

People in need by bringing health care services to them

The Dis-Chem Foundation campaigns

The Foundation works closely with registered NGOs to support and improve the lives of struggling communities and individuals and provides support with the following issues, among others, through various campaigns and initiatives:

  Slipper Day  

Yet another special campaign aimed at making dreams come true for children with life threatening illnesses. The Dis-Chem Foundation are able to contribute towards the Slipper day campaign through sticker sales of R20.00 each, available in stores at Dis-Chem, Dis-Chem Baby City and Toy Zone in their annual fundraiser.

  Blanket Campaign  

Since 2017, the Dis-Chem Foundation has been donating blankets to various charities and non-profit organisations across the country, providing a source of warmth during the cold winter months to those who need it most.
The blankets are distributed to chosen organisations nominated by Dis-Chem’s Facebook followers and Dis-Chem and Baby City staff, with beneficiaries varying from old age homes to orphanages and animal shelters.

  Million Comforts  

This initiative, which has been running since 2015, aims to provide sanitary products to teenage girls in need.  This campaign is committed to the empowerment of schoolgirls, raising awareness about women's health, and giving these girls the opportunity to continue their education without the burden of hygiene risks, discomfort, embarrassment, or the loss of dignity.

  Caring for the Community

The Dis-Chem Foundation has a long-standing partnership with Primedia. The on-air "Random Acts of Kindness", now called ‘Caring for the Community’ runs quarterly across each of Primedia’s radio stations - 947, 702, Cape Talk and KFM.
This platform allows the chosen beneficiary to create awareness of the very difficult issues and challenges they experience at the time that the Dis-Chem Foundation makes the donations.

  Hot Cares  

Recently, the Dis-Chem Foundation also partnered with Hot 102.7FM, a Johannesburg community radio station, to support their Hot Cares NPC. Every month, the Dis-Chem Foundation together with Hot Cares responds to an organisation or individual in the local community requiring support.

Some examples of support provided to date in this ongoing partnership include a soup kitchen feeding 80 people weekly; a store account opened for Surgeons for Little Lives, an organisation that supports children who require surgery and cannot afford it, that allows them to purchase essentials to make up a care pack for the children passing through their care; and a donation to Teddython, which is Hot Cares’ annual fundraiser to further assist communities and individuals in need. Again, this is broadcast on the station to drive awareness to the local community.

  Community Clinics  

The community clinics are an initiative which brings health services to those in need instead of them going to the services. The clinics are constantly roaming around South Africa to help those in need on a regular basis.

Do you want to lend a helping hand?


The Dis-Chem Foundation is a beneficiary of the Dis-Chem Benefit Programme. Every time a Benefit member swipes their card when purchasing, Dis-Chem donates a percentage of the eligible purchase to the Foundation.

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