The Dis-Chem Foundation is providing care and support to improve the lives of individuals while relieving the burden on communities, families and friends

Caring for the community

Based on their concern about the growing level of poverty in South Africa, the founders Ivan and Lynette Saltzman established the Dis-Chem Foundation in 2006. 

Our team of compassionate social workers and caregivers, work closely with registered NGOs to support and improve the lives of struggling communities.

Pharmacists who care for:

Impoverished families with no basic food and shelter

Abused children and abandoned babies who need a safe haven

Young girls who need sanitary pads to ensure they do not miss going to school

People in need by bringing health care services to them

The Dis-Chem Foundation campaigns

Million Comforts

This initiative is to keep girls in schools while they are on their period. The initiative was started 5 years ago and together with Caring for Girls we reach out to less fortunate girls in communities by assisting our customers and suppliers to donate sanitary pads.

Dis-Chem Food Garden

The Food Garden team employs 18 community members on a full-time basis and has up-skilled these employees over the years to be self-sustainable farmers. The various organizations that are assisted include the African Children's Feeding Scheme, Feed SA, Victory Outreach, Ladies of Hope and various NGOs in Gauteng.


The Dis-Chem Foundation responded to the dire water crisis in the Western Cape by initiating the #CauseWeCare water campaign. We donated over 100 000 litres of clean bottled water, to a number of vulnerable beneficiary organizations in Cape Town.

Random Acts of Kindness

The Dis-Chem Foundation has been in partnership with Primedia for 7 years with an on-air "Random Act of Kindness" monthly on 947, 702, Cape Talk, KFM, and East Coast Radio. This platform allows our chosen beneficiary to create awareness on the very difficult issues and challenges they experience.

Wellness Busses

A mobile health clinic programme in the Western Cape which provides a smart solution to ensure basic healthcare is made accessible to all school children - especially those who do not have easy access.

Community Clinics

The community clinics are an initiative which brings health services to those in need instead of them going to the services. The clinics are constantly roaming around South Africa to help those in need on a regular basis.

Do you want to lend a helping hand?


The Dis-Chem Foundation is a beneficiary of the Dis-Chem Benefit Programme. Every time a Benefit member swipes their card when purchasing, Dis-Chem donates a percentage of the eligible purchase to the Foundation.

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