Introducing Blister Packaging. For your convenience you can now order your medication in blister packs, instead of receiving multiple medication containers, you can now request a blister pack that bundles your medication into daily dosage compartments.



Allow safe medicine use

It can be very confusing when we are required to take 3-4 medicines and different times of the day to treat a medical condition. Blister packing your medicines reminds you when to take the correct combination of tablets as it is already packed for you.


Promotes medicine adherence and health outcomes

Taking medicines regularly promotes health outcomes and reduces the risk of possible illness progression or even hospitalization.


It is convenient

Blister packs provides convenient medicine packaging in a 7 day calendarised envelope that contains medicines in individual medicine compartments to ensure that you get the right dose of medicine at the right time. Instead of packing multiple containers when travelling you only need to pack the number of envelops for the weeks you will be away.


Order your medicines to be blister packed today

Dis-Chem packs your monthly medicine supply in 4 envelopes. Each envelope contains your medicine for 7 days. At a fee of R120 per month you have the convenience and peace of mind that you or a family member takes their medicine as intended.


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