World Immunization

World Immunization

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Are you and your family’s vaccinations up-to-date?

Make sure you track your child’s vaccinations and growth and development milestones.4,5

  • At each visit to a public health facility, your child’s weight, height and growth information should be taken to keep track of their vaccinations, growth and development milestones.5
  • Do not delay your child’s vaccinations, because it can leave them vulnerable to these vaccine preventable diseases.3,6
  • Vaccinations are provided free of charge by the South African Health Department at all public health facilities.7

Medical References

Vaccinations recommended as per Department of Health expanded programme on immunisation – EPI (SA) revised childhood immunisation schedule from December
2015.4 *This is not an exhaustive list of milestones and not all infants reach milestones at exactly the age specified.
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