Why you should include an antioxidant in your beauty routine


Skin ageing is not only caused by the unavoidable passing of time. There are lots of external factors that speed it up, such as pollution and UV rays. These factors do have a solution, and today we’ll tell you all about what an antioxidant can do for your skin

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of neutralising the free radicals generated when we expose our skin to certain environmental factors. These free radicals are responsible for the skin’s premature ageing and deterioration on a cellular level. That’s why including an antioxidant in our daily skincare routine is essential. Do you need more reasons? Here are 5 things that will convince you.

  1. They prevent rapid ageing: As we’ve already said, antioxidants block free radicals which are responsible for the oxidation of the skin, in other words, ageing. By applying an antioxidant directly to the skin we block free radicals and stop them from damaging it.
  2. They have a sunscreen effect: Another dangerous enemy of the skin is solar radiation and so while using a sunscreen is essential, it’s not enough. Sunscreens only block 55% of the free radicals caused by UV rays. Further protection that can only be achieved with an antioxidant is necessary.
  3. They protect the skin against pollution: More specifically, against ozone, the most damaging pollutant to which we are most frequently exposed and which affects the skin’s fats and proteins. 
  4. They soothe the effects of laser treatments: If you use an antioxidant after a laser treatment, it will improve the healing process. 
  5. They make the skin brighter and firmer: Antioxidants help to combat the destruction of collagen and its effects. Some, for example vitamin C, give the face an instant glow.

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