Microdacyn60 Technology

Natural body ingredients that boost your immune system. Used by doctors and hospitals across the globe.

Our Microcyn® technology is based on one of the body’s most important molecules: Hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Launched in 2004, it was the first revolutionary stable patented HOCl formulation in a bottle. With virtually no side effects or contraindications, you can utilize our solutions as often as needed to cleanse skin, relieve irritations, and restore your well-being and peace of mind.

 How To Use Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution 


 1. Apply Microdacyn60 Directly To The Wound 


Spray, pour or wash an excess of Microdacyn60 directly into the wound to the point of saturation.

Microdacyn60 is also suitable for moistening adherent bandages, flushing away debris, cleaning the peri-wound or general skin cleaning because it is non-cytotoxic.

Microdacyn60 will kill 99.99% of the free-floating (planktonic) microbes and bacteria within 30 seconds of cleaning.


Note: Microdacyn60 can be applied to any wounded area including sensitive areas such as the ears, mouth, nose, and cartilage.


 2. Irrigate with Microdacyn60 While Cleaning & Debriding 


Soak a gauze or cleaning pad with Microdacyn60 using it to manually clean the wound with light abrasion. Microdacyn60 is not a replacement for manual cleaning/debridement.
Continue to irrigate and flush with Microdacyn60 until the wound free of debris and the wound bed is sufficiently prepared for dressing, the repeated application of Microdacyn60 will improve its effectiveness.
Microdacyn60 is a hypotonic solution and a suitable desloughing aid.
Soaking the wound in Microdacyn60 soaked gauze will help soften and remove slough with minimal trauma to the wound. Soaking may be repeated as often as necessary until the desired result is achieved.
With very thick or dry coatings over the wound, you may consider applying a layer of Microdacyn60 Hydrogel for added moisture to accelerate the softening process.


 3. To A Clean Wound Bed - Soak The Wound With Microdacyn 

In wounds that require more aggressive management, apply a Microdacyn soaked medium into/onto the freshly cleaned wound and its edges for up to 15 minutes.
The increased contact time increases the non-cytotoxic antimicrobial effect of Microdacyn towards established biofilms and more persistent microbes such as fungi and spores such as C dif.
In very large wounds this may require large volumes of Microdacyn to ensure effective treatment. If using smaller spray bottles, you may want to consider using the larger 990ml screw cap presentation.
Note: If wound packing is required Microdacyn is well suited to soaking the packing medium before placement and can easily be moistened again at removal

Starting Treatment In Chronic Wounds

Soaks must be repeated every 24-36 hours until the infection has resolved when starting treatment in a chronic or non-healing wound to ensure any established biofilms are significantly reduced.
Microdacyn60 is now available at Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide, and on our online store.

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