Men's Grooming Products for the Best Results


Men’s Grooming Products for Best Results

Male grooming is now an industry unto itself and all types of men – from the rugged, outdoorsy types to the indoor-dwelling, gamer types – are realising the benefits of following a good grooming regime.

We take a look at the best way to follow a good grooming routine as well as the best men’s grooming kits available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide now.

Men’s Grooming – The Perfect Routine

Grooming always starts with a good cleansing routine every morning. Whether you’re a jump-in-the-shower kind of guy, or a wash-face-and-go chap, we recommend using three very important products on your face every morning;

  • Cleanser – wash your face every morning and evening with a cleanser that is formulated for your skin type
  • Dry your face and then apply a good quality moisturiser (again, one that is formulated for your skin type)
  • Always finish off with a layer of sunscreen or use a moisturiser with an SPF factor of no less than 20 

Once the face is washed, it’s now time to get onto the best manscaping kits available to you – hair and beard trimmers.

To shave or not to have

Some men have beards and some like it clean-shaven. If you’re a shave-it-all-off guy, then investing in a good-quality razor is key. You’ll also want to invest in a great aftershave treatment that will keep your skin from getting red and inflamed after shaving. Check out our range of aftershave treatments available from Dis-Chem now.

If you choose to go with a beard, moustache or bokkie, then you’re in luck. At Dis-Chem we have a wide range of the best male grooming kits available to help keep your beard in check and as soft as possible.

First things first – choose the right trimmer. Choose a trimmer that has a range of clips to suit your needs. Check out our full range of men’s trimmers.

Before you trim, it’s important to prep the beard first and it’s also important to moisturise the beard afterwards. Here’s how:

  • Wash your beard with a great quality beard shampoo that is designed to moisturise the sensitive hair of your beard and not agitate your facial skin
  • Trim your beard to the length you like it
  • Finish off with a great quality beard balm or styling crème to keep your beard looking neat and tidy all day long


For the best men’s grooming kits including beard treatments, trimmers and aftershave goodies, browse Dis-Chem online now.


How much are the best men’s grooming kits?

When you buy men’s grooming products, you’re investing in the health of your skin and investing in your image too. Men no longer need to wash their faces with soap and go. Invest in great quality cleansers, moisturisers, beard treatments and styling kits that will have you looking your best from the moment you leave the house.

Where can I buy the best men’s grooming kits? 

For all your male grooming necessities, shop at Dis-Chem online or at a Dis-Chem Pharmacy nearest you.

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