Home Cleaning and Hygiene Tips

Home Cleaning and Hygiene Tips

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Keeping your home hygienically and spotlessly clean is the dream, but the reality is that busy schedules can get in the way of you managing to maintain a brilliantly clean home. Even when time allows, you might not know just the right techniques or tools to use to clean your home effectively. To help you keep a spotlessly clean and healthy home without the hassle, here’s a handy guide with 6 home cleaning tips you can use to turn cleaning day into a breeze.

How Do You Keep Your House Clean and Organised?

When it comes time to clean the house, it can feel like quite a chore. The surfaces and floors that need cleaning, the stubborn laundry stains, sink full of dishes, untidy rooms – the list goes on and on. Add to that that all of these tasks require some physical effort and can be time-consuming, and it becomes no wonder why so many people dread cleaning day.

But in addition to ensuring your home looks spic and span, keeping your home clean and organized helps to keep you and your family healthy too. Making cleaning your home regularly and properly all the more important to do. So to keep your home spotlessly clean, give these home cleaning and hygiene tips a try.

Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

1. Planning

It may seem obvious, but having a solid plan for how to tackle your home cleaning tasks can go such a long way in ensuring you can achieve and maintain a hygienically clean home. Start by creating a solid cleaning schedule as this is one of the best ways to establish a cleaning routine and ensure you can stick to it, so that you can continue to keep your home clean. Creating a detailed cleaning plan will also enable you to plan and budget for cleaning costs like cleaning supplies and tools. Having a shopping list and budget for these cleaning tools and supplies will help to ensure you always have the products you need to effectively clean your home. For affordable and effective cleaning supplies, shop our magnificent range at Dis-Chem and find the perfect products for your needs.

2. Break it Down

Cleaning the house can feel overwhelming when you have a long list of tasks to do and several rooms to clean. To work more effectively so that you can keep your home clean, try breaking your chores list down into smaller tasks. This will help to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and enable you to get through your to-do list more efficiently.

3. Choose Multipurpose Cleaners

Rather than wasting money buying several cleaning products, look for multipurpose cleaners that can target a variety of stains and surfaces. Having one product with a range of uses will enable you to use your cleaning supplies more efficiently, which will help you to save on cleaning supply costs in the long run.

4. Have the Right Tools for the Job

Without the right cleaning products and tools, you may need to rub and scrub to effectively clean your items, which could result in you scratching, tearing or damaging the item or area you want to clean. So make sure you stock up on the right cleaning supplies for your needs and consider bulk-buying too so that you always have the products you need on hand. Shop at your nearest Dis-Chem store for supplies to make getting your home spotlessly clean as easy as can be.

5. Keep Consistent

Consistency is a key home hygiene tip to keep your home spic and span. Keeping a consistent cleaning schedule will help you to maintain cleanliness, ensuring there’s less mess for you to tackle between cleans, requiring less of your effort and time, and making cleaning your home easier.

6. Involve the Whole Family

The next time you’re planning a Spring clean, why not involve the whole family? Ticking off cleaning chores as a family can be lots of fun and help you to get the job done a lot quicker. You can even make a game out of it or offer rewards for a job well done to make it more fun for everyone.
With these home cleaning tips you have the tools to keep your home hygienically clean with less effort and less stress. Stick to these simple tips to keep your home clean and hygienic for a happy, healthy family.

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